The March 3 Multnomah County Community Budget Forum provided an opportunity for public input on which programs and services should be prioritized for funding in the event of deeper state budget reductions.

The November 2011 County Budget Forecast continued to assume a weak recovery with anemic growth that will be protracted and uneven, accounting for the projected 1.2% ($4.4 million) decrease in county general fund revenue.

As a result, all departments have been requested to make budget cuts of 2%.

After several years of budget cuts, departments serving seniors, individuals with health care, housing, mental health and developmental disability needs, policing and law enforcement, domestic violence and education programs, are already operating at a bare minimum.

Last year, the Commission gave Multnomah County Animal Services a budget INCREASE of 19%* on the promise of improved performance.  Performance improvement did not happen.

Replacing MCAS with the proven funding public animal services model which exists in Calgary, Alberta Canada would put it on the path to reduced dependency on the General Fund.   The savings would allow much needed funding to be invested in programs that serve the community.

Help convince Chair Cogen and Commissioners to make the change by clicking on the “How to Help” page of the GimmeShelterPortland website.

*As reported by the Multnomah County Budget Office.


  1. What specifically was “the promise of an improved performance”? Was there a promise to reduce killing, increase adoptions, … ?

    Comment by Tracey Erway on March 11, 2011 at 2:16 am

  2. MCAS was to restore, improve and enhance programs and services and increase adoptions through a centrally located satellite adoption facility.
    The promise was to better serve the community and dramatically reduce killing.

    Comment by admin on March 12, 2011 at 8:38 pm

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