Multnomah County will be spending $30,000 of taxpayer money in 2013 to hire a consultant to study, assess and make recommendations to improve MCAS’ overall performance.

Multnomah County has a record of awarding consulting contracts either to “generalists”, with no experience or expertise in publicly funded animal agencies or “traditionalists”, whose only experience is within the boundaries of the outdated “animal control” model, not in increasing save rates.

This is a pivotal moment for MCAS – the investment of $30,000 has the potential to yield huge pay-offs, not only in animal lives saved but increased citizen support – but only if the consulting firm chosen has the insight and expertise required to improve save rates to 90%+.

On August 20, 2013, GSP sent the following letter County Commissioners assuring them that Humane Network is the only choice for the job:

Dear Commissioner ________________:

With the adoption of the FY2014 Budget, you approved a request from Multnomah County Animal Services for Program #91009.  This program provides $30,000 for consultant services to “look at the structure of the organization with special attention to fiscal support operations to ensure it is designed for maximum efficiency and effectiveness” and to make recommendations concerning personnel, staffing levels, work schedules, workflow and physical layout to improve MCAS’ ability to serve the needs of the county citizens.

Multnomah County has a long history of spending many thousands of taxpayer dollars on task forces, focus groups, and consultants in an attempt to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of MCAS. Because the consulting organizations and individuals lacked experience in progressive, publicly funded animal services agencies, these attempts have yielded little in the way of results. Nowhere is this more evident than in the recommendation written in the 2012 Metropolitan Group study, that MCAS should educate the public on the value and necessity of euthanizing pets.

Gimme Shelter Portland testified in favor of Program #91009 on the condition that the consulting firm chosen has direct experience in all phases of fiscal, administrative and managerial public agency operations, with a proven record of increasing overall save rates to 90+%. The impressive, newly formed Humane Network is just such a firm.  We are enclosing information on the organization and its principals as its final website is not yet launched.

As County officials, you have the unique opportunity and responsibility to insure that by FY2015, MCAS will perform up to the same standards of the 169 U.S. cities, counties and municipalities ( now achieving 90+% save rates. On behalf of the majority of Multnomah County citizens who care about animals, we expect you to insure that the Humane Network be included in the request for proposal process and that this process be public and transparent.  Most importantly, we expect the Humane Network to be recognized as the only choice for this project.

We look forward to your response.

Thank you.

Gimme Shelter Portland
















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