Check out GSP’s first full page print ad!

You’ll find one on the last page of the Oregonian’s 3/17/11 Metro Section.

You’ll find another on page 10 of Willamette Week’s  3/16/11 issue.

Let the phone calls and the e-mails to county officials begin!


  1. 2013 is _probably_ unrealistic. Maybe not, if people can be encouraged to foster, use Spay and Save, etc.

    Comment by Donna C on March 18, 2011 at 6:13 pm

  2. The ads are impressive. It is time for the County Commissioners to stop mindlessly defending the employees and practices at MCAS and start demanding accountability. In my opinion, the massive killing of healthy and adoptable animals at MCAS has absolutely nothing to do with the physical building, the location, the funding etc – but rather has everything to do with the employees (Director and management). Everything being equal – the same facility being run by people who had compassion, dedication, a respect for the animals lives and the citizens of the county could have at least a 90% adoption rate. Instead MCAS is run by people who do the least work possible – and this work ethic and the slaughter of the counties homeless, abandoned and lost animals is tolerated by the County Commissioners. The hours the shelter is open are not convenient to the public, the phone is never answered, the staff is not welcoming, rescues and the community are not encouraged to help rehome animals. Frightened and injured animals are routinely labeled “unadoptable” and killed. Animals that have hair loss that could be corrected with nothing more than a change or diet or medication are labeled “unadoptable” and killed. Dogs that are labeled “aggressive” are anything but aggressive. (I have personally encountered over 100 dogs that were labeled “aggressive” or “biter” by MCAS. All were RESCUED from MCAS with great effort. All have been placed in homes (including 3 in my own house) and over the course of 6 years not one of these dogs has shown any aggression toward people or other animals. They mislabel animals to defend the killing. This must stop. No new building or new policies will result in better treatment for our communities animals – what is needed is new management and staff. Portland and Multnomah County government and citizens should be heartbroken and ashamed of how we treat these homeless, abandoned and lost animals.

    Comment by sharyl soren-hodges on March 18, 2011 at 9:38 pm

  3. I would really love to see this shelter shut down for good, or at the very least completely turned around. Most Portlanders would be appalled if they had any idea how many healthy, adoptable cats and dogs are killed there every year. And no one really knows, because they hide the numbers. They never tell the public about the animals they are killing. Even elected officials are usually in the dark because MCAS uses loophole phrases like, “adoptable” animals. As in, “We adopted out 60% of all adoptable animals.” What they don’t tell you is that thousands of animals are declared “unadoptable” for the flimsiest of reasons – the animal is shy, the animal has a cold, the animal is thin…. None of those deaths show up in those numbers.

    It’s time to stop all that killing. We need to value the lives of others more than that, even if those others are different than we are.

    Comment by Cally on March 19, 2011 at 11:18 pm

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