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Despite spending millions of taxpayer dollars to subsidize MCAS, Multnomah County’s animal control record is one of institutionalized failure and defeat: an antiquated facility in a remote location, ever shrinking hours of operation and levels of service, devastatingly low adoptions and shockingly high euthanasia rates.

Under current management, MCAS’s budget has almost doubled, yet it has killed more than 30,000 of our lost and homeless dogs and cats.  In 2011, Multnomah County killed 2,116 animals or almost one third of the lost and homeless dogs and cats it impounded.

This staggering level of tax subsidized killing is inconsistent with our community’s values.

It is especially unacceptable when compared with municipal shelters in cities like Reno, Nevada, Charlottesville, NC and Ithaca, NY which save more than 90% of all impounded animals and Calgary, Alberta Canada which has earned enough trust and respect from the community it serves to become self-funded.

These shelters utilize modern, cost effective strategies, proven to dramatically reduce killing.

The key to establishing a modern animal services agency is the creation of a stable and sustainable source of funding.

By first earning the trust and respect of the community it serves, Calgary Animal Services has accomplished this and is now completely self-funded from the sale of cat and dog licenses.

This “value” model should be immediately implemented here .